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Flash Remoting picture
Figure 5. Flash MX, ColdFusion, and Flash Remoting example taken from the macromedia.com website http://www.macromedia.com/desdev/mx/flashcom/articles/coding_guidelines.html

Flash MX, ColdFusion, and Flash Remoting Combine to Make the Client-Server Computing Easier

The above picture shows the path of communication between the client, Application servers, and the database. The Flash Remoting is shown in between the Flash Player and the Application server. Lozben says, “Remoting simplifies the Macromedia Flash application development process by providing a programming mode and runtime support for connecting ActionScript directly to remote server objects (at http://www.macromedia.com/desdev/mx/flashcom/articles/coding_guidelines.html, 2002).”

Disadvantages of Flash ActionScript

Most of the disadvantages of Flash have to do with programmers not designing their applications correctly. When this happens, the applications load slowly, and are hard to use.

Advantages of Flash ActionScript

Flash has many advantages for programmers and users alike. Aberdeen Group, Inc. says that Macromedia has given Web developers a productive framework for assembling scalable, secure, well-performing Internet applications (at http://www.macromedia.com/software/flashremoting/whitepapers/pdf/flr_architecture.pdf, 2002).” See Appendix A at the end of this paper for Macromedia’s list of 10 reasons why it is advantageous for you to buy Flash MX.

Is Flash worth using?

Macromedia Flash has come a long way since it began its existence as a plug-in for rendering animated movies in the web browser. Flash programmers can now create full-blown web applications that make the user experience better, and faster than in the past. In addition, with Flash Remoting that helps translate the data from the Flash Player to the server(s) and back again. This allows for instantaneous access of data stored in the database. Aberdeen Group, Inc says, “The Flash MX/Flash Remoting MX offering is a timely and fully realized answer to the distributed object challenge that provides significant development and runtime advantages over XML (at http://www.macromedia.com/software/flashremoting/whitepapers/pdf/flr_architecture.pdf, 2002).” Is Flash worth using? I think it is worth using even if extra time is needed to make sure the applications meet usability requirements for disabled users. It just makes sense to offer the users an experience that will give them less grief in the end.

Here is another person's (Matthew David, from InformIT), opinion on whether Flash MX is worth the upgrade, http://www.informit.com/isapi/product_id~%7B29B398D2-17D3-4876-9C29-59DB8082E8E2%7D/content/index.asp

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