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Using Flash MX ActionScript


Flash is much more than an animation tool. Programmers use ActionScript, which is Flash’s programming language, to create user interfaces. Now Flash programmers and Flash users both have an easier time because Flash MX and Flash Remoting make it easier for programmers to create rich Internet applications that are user friendly.

Flash began as a simple drawing tool, has been through five revisions since then, and is now called Flash MX.

Flash creates real application user interfaces by using Flash’s built in programming language called ActionScript. Flash makes client-side business rule processing possible, and makes the user experience flexible.

Flash uses Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to help in the planning, coding, and implementing of Flash ActionScript. This allows programmers to take a piece by piece approach to development.

Flash can communicate through Flash Remoting Server to any web service. Flash does this through a server gateway. Flash MX, ColdFusion, and Flash Remoting offer many possibilities and together are very promising.

It is programmers that do not develop their web pages correctly that usually cause users to have trouble using or viewing Flash. Flash has many advantages for programmers and users alike, which make it worth using.

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